In this part of the website we are profiling people who lived & worked (at some time) in the Horowhenua in our earlier days. Within each profile are some details of other members of the immediate family. The profile also shows where they were and their occupations (based on a range of Electoral Rolls). CLICK on the PDF (at the end of each profile) to see all this information.

The majority of these people could be described as "ordinary" people, who make up the fabric of our society. Please let us know if we have missed someone!

Currently we have uploaded 476 mini profiles from "A to P", (6,896 people in total). First check this alphabetical list of names. If the name you are looking for is in the list then use the search facility below by entering the code in the profile preference.

The search result will take you to the main person's page where you can view their profile & that of all the associated people.

In addition, you can browse our Walk of Fame, for those who are specially commemorated, with plaques in Levin's Oxford Street.